You could download all the leatlets of IFTS from this webpage, click the flag to download the English or Chinese versions;

 1. FI-AN01 Liquid Filter Testing (液体过滤器测试)  
 2. FI-AN02 Technical Study (技术研究)  
 3. FI-AN03 Particle Size (颗粒尺寸)   
 4. FI-AN04 Particle Counting (颗粒计数)  
 5. FI-AN05 Cleaning of parts & components (零部件清洁度)  
 6. FI-AN08 Particles Counting & Identification (颗粒计数与识别)  
 7. FI-AN09 Training and Information (培训和咨询)  
 8. FI-AN10 Test Stand (试验台)  
 9. FI-AN11 Clean Solvent Dispenser (清洁溶剂分配器)  
 10. FI-AN12 Expertise and Advice on Particulate Cleanliness (颗粒清洁度的专家意见和忠告)  
 11. FI-AN13 Cyclic Multipass Filter Testing (液体滤清器的变流量循环多次通过试验)  
 12. FI-AN14 Wear and Tear of Components (零部件磨损试验)  
 13. FI-AN15 Particulate Contamination (杂质颗粒)  
 14. FI-AN17 Particle Counting Cabinet (颗粒计数柜)  
 15. FI-AN18 Aperture Holder (孔板座)