Because components are all affected by the presence of particles suspended in the fluid, you need to reduce wear and tear of components. IFTS has all necessary test benches for measuring wear in all type of active components: pumps, valves regulators,distributors…  Some of the test benches are the unique facilities in Europe. We are the expert you can rely on for defining the maximum level of contamination acceptable for your components.
  由于零部件时刻会受到分布在液体中的杂质颗粒的影响,你需要减少杂质对于零部件的磨损。 IFTS拥有所有必须的试验设备,可用于测试各种活动零部件的磨损,如:泵、调节阀、分配器等… 其中一些在欧洲是独一无二的。IFTS 能为您的系统部件定义最大可接受的杂质水平,我们是这方面的专家,是您值得信赖的合作伙伴。
Wear Tear Test Samples   Wear Tear Test Facilities
These kind of wear and tear tests are aim at defining both the maximum concentration and the maximum particle size of contaminants that are acceptable in the fluid flowing through the component in given operating conditions to guarantee its proper functions. This post will summarize the principles. IFTS act as a fully independent lab with 30 years experiences, we will be glad to provide our test services to worldwide customers with our world recognized expertise and excellent facilities.