Filter is a consumable product which needs replacing termly, the market is huge; the competition is very fierce. Almost each filter manufacturer has many competitors in different application fields. Undoubtedly, each filter manufacturer hopes to gain more business by proving to the customer that their own products have better cost performance than their competitor(s).

Analyse the performance of competitor’s product, compare with their own product and the customers’ requirement is the most common strategy. Many filter manufacturers invest their own test lab that has the capability of facing to the OEM customers; they buy testing equipments for research & development works and the analysis of competitors. During the certificating process by the OEM customers (filter users), test ability is an indispensable part.

But, there have so many testing items for a filter. No one could equip all the test equipments. And there also exist the risk to the filter manufacturer when they developing new OEM customer, they need to prove to the customer their lab is capable and trustable. A smart filter manufacturer will evaluate the quantity of each test item instead of invest the test equipments blindly; Even they have the test ability for a test item, some manufacturers prefer to choose presenting test report by the third party lab, it is helpful to impress the customer and shows the ability of themselves. 

IFTS founded in 1981, it is a fully independent and professional liquid filter testing organization; Acting as the Europe filter testing centre and the world reference lab, IFTS is in service to hundreds of the customers around the world. Filter manufacturers use IFTS’s third party testing report to prove the performance of their product(s) to the customer, the filter users use IFTS’s services for monitoring the performance of the suppliers. There have some successful stories that the manufacturers gained the good business without investing the test equipments.