www.filtertesting.com is a subsite belong to IFTS, this website will focus on reporting and introducing filter testing techniques, newest testing standards developing trend, the activities that IFTS has joined and so on.

IFTS is the abbreviation of Institute of Filtration and Techniques of Separation which was founded in 1981, also is the abbreviation of the International Filter Testing Services. Our headquarters is located in Agen France. We have the world classic filtration & separation products testing lab, we focus on Solid-Liquid Separation (SLS) products testing, we are a totally independent body and are not answerable to any external industrial organization.
We have over 200 customers and over 45 members around the world,we have opened for over 30 filter manufactures’ visiting, these numbers are keep increasing. Some of the customers or members are competitors to each other, but we fully guarantee customers’ confidentiality! We have got the ISO 17025 certification since 1988.
Besides testing service, we also could build the world classic filter performance testing equipments. From the industrial filters to auto filters to drinking water filters to bacteria filters, we know how to test all liquid filters. Our experienced experts and scientists will satisfy your various requirements for all kinds of liquid filters testing. We also attended some ISO standards drafting and validation works for ISO committee,such as ISO 16332, ISO 16232 and so on…

IFTS Building

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